Pakenham Water Mill

The parish of Pakenham is unique in Britain in having both a water mill and a windmill. The 18th century watermill, the last working watermill in Suffolk and now owned by the Suffolk Building Preservation Trust, is on a Domesday site. Here, for almost a thousand years, millers have been using the simple technology of water power to produce stone-ground wholemeal flour from locally-grown wheat. The mill is maintained and operated by a team of dedicated volunteers who continue the tradition.


Water from Pakenham Fen collects in the beautiful mill pond to turn the 16 foot high iron water-wheel that drives the mill-stones which turn the wheat into flour. The friendly guide will show you how the mill works, how to hoist sacks of wheat to the top of the mill, what the damsel does, the 1904 Blackstone oil engine, and much more besides. In the former miller’s house next door you can see the old kitchen with its 18th C. brewing vat and bread oven.


Enjoy a circular walk around the pond, past the orchard with its traditional varieties of fruit trees. Look for slow worms, toads and wild flowers in the wildlife area and watch the house martins nesting high up on the Mill.